In a nutshell


  • 21 years of percussion
  • 20 years of drums
  • 5 countries visited to learn from the best professionals
  • Over 300 performances with various bands and orchestras in 7 different countries
  • 7 years of work on personal and professional development
  • 15 years of sharing her passion and knowledge in 3 different countries
  • Former drummer of AndCo (polyphonic reggae band)
  • Drummer for the Farfadets‘ festival (musical theatre)
  • Drummer and percussionist of Gipsy Events (gipsy band)
  • Drummer of the Toxic Frogs (Celtic punk rock all-female band)
  • Drummer and percussionist of the Lyon Symphony Orchestra
  • Creator of the 360° Experience Drum Camp
  • Studio and live/touring session drummer and percussionst

Born in 1988  into a musical family, Amy started learning the guitar before discovering the percussion, when her guitar teacher refused to let her play the electric guitar (oh rock star dreams…).

Although she spent 12 years learning in some of the best schools such as the National Conservatory of Music in Lyon and the National School of Music in Villeurbanne, she learned much more about music while practising in orchestras.

In 2005, she became the solo timpanist and head of the percussion section of the Lyon Symphony Orchestra and ended up choosing the drums parts in 2013.

When she was 10, her percussion teacher refused to teach her the drums, so she taught herself after her mum bought her a Pearl Export drumkit (because she was a bit done with hearing her hit on her pans…).

Suffering from an important lack of self-confidence on the drums, it took her 16 years and a round the world trip to finally become a professionel drummer. During that trip, she met some of the best drummers on Earth to learn from them and overcome her fear of playing in public.

She found a second passion in personal development and business and chose to share it with other drummers in a unique event : the 360° Experience Drum Camp, supported by Dom Famularo. She also shares her expertise in Branding and Marketing with other artists and businesses through her company, Golden Spiral of Success.

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