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In a nutshell

  • Studio and live/touring session drummer and percussionist
  • Founder of the 360° Experience Drum Camp
  • Drummer for Soul’R & Pulse (soul / funk / rnb)
  • Drummer and percussionist / solo  timpanist / head of the percussion section of the Lyon Symphony Orchestra (classical masterpieces, movie soundtracks, Broadway classics mand many more)
  • Drummer for the Farfadets‘ company (musical theatre)
  • Drummer and percussionist of Gipsy Events (gipsy)
  • Hit Like a Girl 2020 French Ambassador
  • Former drummer of Toxic Frogs (Celtic punk rock)
  • Former drummer of AndCo (polyphonic reggae)
  • 21 years of percussion
  • 20 years of drums
  • 80+ successful musicians, artists, sportspeople and entrepreneurs met to learn from them
  • Over 300 performances with various bands and orchestras in 7 different countries
  • 8 years of work on personal and professional development
  • 15 years of sharing her passion and knowledge on 3 different continents


Amy Prajoux, born and raised near Lyon, France, grew up in a musical family and is a self-taught drummer who took on the drums at the age of 10, after her percussion teacher told her girls didn’t belong on the drums.

In 2005, she became the solo timpanist and head of the percussion section for the Lyon Symphony Orchestra. After a long journey on the road to self-confidence, she joined several bands and projects as a drummer and/or musical director. She has performed on 3 different continents with various artists and has gained recognition for her musicality and versatility in various styles such as soul, funk, pop, reggae, rock, gipsy music, celtic punk rock, musical theater, movie soundtracks, classical masterpieces and many more.

In 2017, she founded the 360° Experience Drum Camp, based on an exclusive concept that gathers essential knowledge on drums, business and personal development aimed at helping drummers build their career. The #360experiencedrumcamp is supported by some of the greatest drummers of our time such as Dom Famularo, Anika Nilles, Emmanuelle Caplette, Robert Sput Searight, Camille Bigeault…

Amy proudly endorses




Studio kit : Tama Superstar Hyper-drive

  • 22×20 bass drum
  • 10″x6.5″, 12″x7″, 14″x12″ & 16″x14″ toms
  • 14×5,5 Tama SLP snare drum

Live drumkit : Tama Club Jam

  • 18v12 bass drum
  • 10×7 & 14×7 toms
  • 13×5 snare drum


Xist Brillant series :

  • 14″ hi-hat
  • 16″ & 18″ crash
  • 20″ ride

Effects cymbals: 

  • 8″ Xist Ion Splash Brillant
  • 8″ Xist Bell Brillant
  • (optional) 10″ Meinl MCS Splash

Drumheads (all Evans)

Batter heads :

  • Snare : Gerena Dry, ST Dry, HD Dry, ST, EC2 Reverse Dot, G1 coated
  • Bass Drum : Emad 2
  • Toms : EC2SST frosted & clear, Black Chrome, G2 coated

Reso heads:

  • Snare : Hazzy 200 & 300 (with Evans Puresound snares, 20 & 30 spires)
  • Bass drum: EQ3, original Tama head
  • Toms: G1 clear & coated, EC2 clear

Sticks and other instruments

Drum sticks & brushes :

  • Pro Orca « Amy Prajoux » signature sticks
  • Promark 5A Rebound Balance
  • Vic Firth WB Jazz brushes
  • Regaltip 596R Jeff Hamilton brushes
  • Vater VWHWP rods

Other :

  • Roland SPD-SX
  • Iron Cobra HP600DTW double bass drum pedal
  • Squier Stratocaster electric guitar & Harley Benton acoustic guitar
  • Cajon 2 caras ciudad de la furia (double façade de frappe) IndiKixx
  • Evans RealFeel practice pads
  • Skygel damper pads
  • LP204B Deluxe Black Beauty cowbell
  • Djembe, derbouka, multiple shakers & tambourines

Recording and live gear

  • Ableton Live 10 suite
  • Avid Pro Tools 12
  • Shure SE315-CL sound isolating in-ear monitors customized by EarBay
  • Behringer Xenyx Q802 USB mixer (live)
  • Behringer Xenyx X2222 USB mixer (recording)
  • Behringer UMC1820 audio/MIDI interface
  • Presonus AudioBox iTwo (live and recording)
  • Presonus Eris E5 Studio Monitors x2
  • Rode NT1-A cardiod condenser microphone
  • Audix FP7 drum microphones kit
  • Icon Neuron 5G2 MIDI keyboard
  • Akai LPK 25 MIDI keyboard
  • Behringer Powerplay P1 personal in-ear monitor amplifier

What we do

Founded in 2017 on the love for drums and music, GSS has a mission to share all knowledge necessary for drummers and percussionists to make their dreams come true and make a living off music.


You can either contact Amy through social networks by clicking on the icons above, or you can send her a message using this contact form :